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Meditation &
Mindfulness Course

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As a trainee teacher of mindfulness and meditation I am working towards a Zenways National Recognised qualification, my goal is to help you establish a practice that will truly deliver life changing results. Did you know that 30 minutes of mindfulness meditation a day will boost your health, empathy, joy, intelligence and creativity, as well as reduce your stress, anxiety and depression? It also helps us develop concentration, focus and a deeper awareness of how things really are in our lives; switching us from auto-pilot mode to being fully-engaged creators of our own health, happiness and fulfilment

Beyond that, it can expand your awareness of the miracle of life itself and put you deeply in touch with the essence of who you are!

8 Weeks to a Better Life

As part of Zen Skills I offer a 8 week course, based in the centuries-old Zen Buddhist lineage, that provide you with the tools, support and encouragement to make the most of your life, to whichever level you wish to explore. Despite the practices we teach having their roots in Buddhism, these courses are fundamentally secular in nature and can be adopted by practitioners of any religion or none at all, it makes no difference as this is all about direct experience, not something depending on prior beliefs or notions: Zen master Koun Yamada (1907-1989) put it this way; “at the core, this experience is not adorned with any thought or philosophy. It is merely a fact, an experienced fact, in the same way that the taste of tea is a fact. A cup of tea has no thought, no idea, no philosophy. It tastes the same to Buddhists as it does to Christians. There is no difference at all.”

These 8 week courses will be run throughout the year online on Zoom as well as locally in Chesterfield Area. Prices will vary depending on whether it is online or face to face. Please contact me directly via message on website, email or telephone for more information.

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